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Bathtub Scratch Repaired and Refinished

Client : Homeowners in Wilmington, NC
Info : Bathtub scratch/chip repaired

Unsightly Deep Scratch on Bathtub

Wilmington, NC homeowners saw an ugly scratch on their bathtub, so deep one could technically call it a chip, because the metal underlayment was exposed. They contacted Coastal Carolina Surface Repair for a free consultation and estimate. We assured them that as a company that specializes in all types of permanent tub and tile repairs, we could repair the damage to their satisfaction.

Bathtub chip and scratch repairs are both an art and a science, and for the best results, should be left to a highly trained and experienced professional. We often get calls after people make failed DIY attempts.

Our Repair Process

First, we thoroughly cleaned the area to ensure that contaminants would not interfere with proper adhesion of the materials. We color matched and mixed the appropriate epoxy for the ceramic surface and patched the exposed portion of the surface. After adequate dry time, we sanded and refinished the surface, matching the level of reflectivity of the surrounding finish.

The homeowners were amazed at the excellent results, because only we and they would ever know the tub had ever been damaged.

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Coastal Carolina Surface Repair services the Wilmington, NC area. We specialize in restoring, protecting, and maintaining surfaces. When you look good, we look good! Did you know that a deep scratch or chip on a bathtub could keep getting worse and rust could eventually develop? This can be an expensive problem if it is not fixed in a timely manner. Give us a call at (910) 408-5121 today to schedule a free estimate.
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